This is a no magic campaign set in typical d&d world. We’ve been calling it the “Realistic Campaign” since the planning stage.

This is the story of Devon, the misanthropic elf-gone-human; Falbere, the one-armed, over protective, highly persistent dwarf; and Raleigh, the cockney gimp with a powerful fatherly instinct. And the little members of the party: Yappy the kobold slave, Astoreen the 7-year-old knight in training, and Jerald, the 5 year old mechanics prodigy.

The party is a small group of travelers in a world of centralized metropolises from which very few people ever move. The life of a traveler is a lonely one, unless you like halflings. Most of the worlds halfling population lives in caravans and wander the world, trading exotic goods.

Thus the non-halfling party members are somewhat of a novelty anywhere they go. They always seem to attract the most unusual of troubles, as well.

The Realistic Campaign

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