• Devon


    Misanthropic, gay elf who loves guns and money and who dresses like a halfling.
  • Falbere of the Naldak Clan

    Falbere of the Naldak Clan

    One-armed dwarf mechanic, whose other arm is mechanical, and who is blindly loyal and fiercely protective of his friends.
  • Raleigh Phillips

    Raleigh Phillips

    Large, gimp-legged cockney with adopted children and a frightening fatherly instinct.
  • Bladebreeze


    An elf who is annoyingly good at everything.
  • Bryman Anderson

    Bryman Anderson

    Low ranking guard in Overlook.
  • Cowryn Come

    Cowryn Come

    Guard in Overlook by day. Gadget-wielding vigilante by night.
  • Francisco "Shaft" Giesler

    Francisco "Shaft" Giesler

    Low level informant and go'fer in the Pale Isle Syndicate, NW Chapter. He has an absurdly short fuse and is seen yelling at strangers.
  • Fredrick "Crack" Grimm

    Fredrick "Crack" Grimm

    Darkwatch retiree. By the request of his twin brother, became the captain of the Stonemen.
  • Grenden and his Skulks

    Grenden and his Skulks

    Grenden led a group of skulks to try and take over a city.
  • Murr Heskartri

    Murr Heskartri

    Head of the Overlook Mafia Syndicate. Generally nice guy, with a hands-on approach to management.
  • Quincy Crowly

    Quincy Crowly

    In charge of hitmen in the Pale Isle Mafia.
  • The Goblins

    The Goblins

    Goblins of a rare breed: capable of crafting nearly anything. These 8 are exceptionally rare, in that they try to make their inventions safe.
  • Tuddy


    Worthless ex slave. Murderer.