An elf who is annoyingly good at everything.


After Bladebreeze learned the art of combat, he never again had to work for anything. His training was meant to turn him into a protector of a small village, but he took to it better than anyone could have imagined and now his people revere him as a hero. This went to his head and he became painfully arrogant, even by elven standards. Anything he does for someone, he claims that that person “owes him”.

He recently left home for reasons he is keeping to himself.

His is a short man, merely 5’1" and has a wispy build. He keeps his long, straight, silver hair neatly combed, though it is usually covered by his favorite Elvenweave Cloak, which only allows his face to be seen. His eyes are a golden amber and his skin has a golden tinge to it.


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